About Caudill Web

At Caudill Web, our commitment is to deliver complete website solutions that far exceed customers' expectations. In a business dominated by gee-whiz technology and futuristic jargon, we believe that success still comes down to a few basic principles: 

  • We build clean, simple sites We believe that good information design always beats flashy graphics and other visual clutter. Our website designs are clean, precise, appealing, and fresh. We plan each site's architecture to fit the client's information structure, and we build sites in compliance with modern web standards and accessibility guidelines. The result: A website that communicates your organization's message with elegance and strength.
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  • We give you control over your site Our sophisticated, easy-to-use content management system, RelationalCMS, exists for one purpose: To give you as much control over your own site as possible, and to make website administration as simple as possible, even for non-technical users. Whether your website is a single-language brochure or a complex multilingual information clearinghouse, RelationalCMS allows you update your site from anywhere in the world, in any language, using a simple web-based interface.
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  • We believe in craftsmanship Even in a high-tech industry, attention to detail and integrity still matter. We build high-quality websites with careful attention to the fit and finish of the final product. The technologies we use may be at the cutting edge, but our clients will attest that our work ethic is decidedly old-fashioned.
  • We keep it in-house Web design brings together graphic design and technology: Right brain and left brain. Many web shops do one or the other well, and outsource the other half. Not us: We're good at both, and we strive to write beautiful code and to create intelligent designs. The same attention to detail that goes into the presentation layer also goes into the code, and the quality of one is reflected in the other. This allows us to offer well-built sites, tailored to your needs, at a reasonable price.
  • We speak your language We have built sites in languages from Spanish to Chinese to Arabic. More importantly, though, our staff's professional background gives us a better understanding of the work your organization is doing to improve people's lives, whether here in the U.S. or anywhere around the world.

Caudill Web is a small company with big clients, unique capabilities, and a proven track record on a number of high-profile projects. We focus primarily on non-profit organizations, foundations, government agencies, and international development projects.